Tacx Booster Trainer

  • 399.99

The Booster is a simple, powerful trainer.

With maximum resistance of 1050 watts, You can create a very similar workout to a real road ride. The handlebar resistance lever with 10 different positions allows you to make the ride harder or easier depending on your fitness or what workout you doing. It also makes improving fitness easier. If you set the resistance lever to the high position you have to exert a lot of force while moving slowly, Just like when you tackle a steep climb.

The Booster is perfect for power based workouts. 

Booster Specs:

  • Handlebar resistance lever, 10 positions
  • Brake system with 2 X 8 permanent magnets and 4.5lbs flywheel
  • Maximum resistance 1050 watt
  • Solid and stable frame
  • Skyliner front wheel support included

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