Lazer P'nut MIPS Helmet

  • 94.99

Lazer P'nuts MIPS helmet is the safest childrens helmet in the this size range offering the new MIPS (multidirectional impact protection system) which was developed by neuroscientist & neurosurgeons to reduce rotational forces caused by angled impacts. Available in 3 gender neutral colours.

• In-mold (1 piece)
• 16 vents
• Autofit Retention System
• Adjustable Autofit basket
• Automatically tightens around head
• MIPS (Multiple Impact ProtectionSystem)
• Developed by brains surgeonsand scientists to reduce rotationalforces on the brain caused byangled impacts to the head
• No adjustment required
• Fontanelle (soft spot) protection
• Washable paddings
• 280 g
• CE, CPSC, AS certification
• Kid’s Unisize Helmet (46-54 cm)

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