Lazer P'nut Kids Helmet


  • The P'Nut Helmet from Lazer uses innovative the innovative Autofit System to ensure proper fit and no tedious adjustments. A lightweight helmet in fun designs (so they'll want to wear it!) with 16 vents and inmold construction unisized to fit from 46-54.
    • In-mold (2 pieces)
    • 16 vents
    • Autofit retention system
    • Automatically tightens around head
    • No adjustment required
    • Washable paddings
    • Undershell protects EPS foam
    • Fontanelles (soft spot) protection
    • Crazy Nutshell accessory option sold separately
    • 280g
    • CE, CPSC, AS certification

  • To ensure proper fit & quality this item is available for in store pickup only.
  • How does it work?

    Based on the incredible Rollsys® system, but even easier to operate, the Autofit® system eliminates any need to manually adjust the helmet retention. As a fully integrated system, totally invisible from the outside of the helmet, the Autofit® system connects the rear basket and the front head belt of the retention system and puts a constant and even tension between these two components. To put the helmet on simply pull the rear basket and the head belt away from each other, put the helmet on your head and Autofit® system will automatically tighten itself around your head for an optimal fit each and every time!

    This patent-pending technology of the Autofit® system is designed to provide an equal and constant pressure without discomfort. Regardless of head size or shape, Autofit® will adjust automatically and provide a secure yet comfortable fit.

    Made for kids

    The simplicity and easy operation of the Autofit® system makes it perfect for use in children’s helmets. The helmet will always have a perfect fi t without the need for any additional adjustments. Parents will save time, energy and frustration while still providing safe and reliable head protection for their children. It’s a great combination and your child will look forward to wearing their Autofit® helmet on every ride!

    A comfortable helmet that fits perfectly every time you put it on. The Autofit® system exclusively from Lazer Sport.

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