Boosted Stealth Electric Skateboard

  • 2,099.99

This is the electric skateboard that all the others wish they could compare to.  The stealth is THE electric skateboard.  With a longer range than most, higher top speed, faster braking, and better grip.  It leaves the competition behind. 

Lightning-Fast Acceleration

For our highest ride mode, we've dialed back our patented Jerk Filter, making the remote more responsive to input and giving riders a more direct connection to the board's power. Dig in and hold on.

38kmph /24 mph

For those who love to fly, Boosted Stealth features an exclusive 5th ride mode that reaches a thrilling top speed of 38kmph or 24 mph. Trust us, it's fast.


Our extended range battery pack provides up to 22.5 km or 14 miles of range so you can fall in love with the open road. More importantly, Boosted maintains incredibly high standards of safety, quality, and reliability, including rigorous testing of its battery packs under conditions that replicate tough daily riding conditions to ensure vehicle-grade safety and reliability.


Due to shipping regulations on batteries Joe Mamma is currently unable to ship Boosted boards.  (We are working on it!) 

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