We need to make room!

We have at least 2 large shipments of 2019 bikes on the way next week and we need to make room now. See details below on some of the crazy deals.  

In stock 2018 bikes at least 25% off!  (We actually have 1 bike at 50% off) 

2019 bikes all come with gift card for 10% of the value of the bike!  (But a $500 bike get a $50 gift card!

Pre-order any 2019 bike and get a 10% gift card (up to a max of $200)

Let us know what you are after and what your budget is and we will try to make it work for you!  We need the room buy Monday so the sale starts now and ends Sunday.  

Book your Bike Tune-up online and save $10!  - we are now booking tune-ups for 2019 book now and don’t wait like everyone else, and SAVE $10 

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