Race Night @ Joe Mamma Cycles

We are happy to announce our first Race Night of 2017.  Friday April 21st 7PM at the Shop 767 Bank st. 

Joe Mamma Cycles will be hosting a night all about safety.  We will have Dave Shirley from Outdoor Gear Canada to talk about helmet fitting, and maintenance.  Dave along with Jose will be available to check fit of your current helmet or help you get set up with a new Bell fullface at a great price that we will be offering for that night only!  

We are extremely excited to also have Karen Boyle to talk about concussions and the importance of baseline testing and post injury care. Karen is a certified Complete Concusion Management Practitioner and a certified Physiotherapist from Ottawa Collaborative Care Centers.  Karen and OC3 will be offering a reduced group rate for those interested in signing up for concusion baseline testing.  

We will also have a 1 night only pre-order deal for race kits from Troylee Designs!


This will be Joe Mamma Cycles first in a series of race nights.  JMC Race nights are free and open to any members of our local tracks.





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