Why Joe Mamma does "Helmet Weekend" differently.

Ottawa Public Health has started "Helmet weekend" in which they promote wearing bike helmets, and knowing what to look for and wear to buy these helmets. Joe Mamma cycles agrees this initiative to encourage Helmet use up to this point. 

The City of Ottawa has put the cost of the discount on the retailer. We are not reimbursed for these discounts - it comes out of our profits. It is our profits that allow us to give back to our local community. Joe Mamma sponsors many amateur athletes and events at our local schools and the Ottawa area.

In response to Ottawa's Helmet day program we will, again this year, do our "One for One" program which donates one helmet for every helmet purchased to those that otherwise could not afford or would not have access to a quality bicycle helmet. Joe Mamma will be keeping track of how many helmets we sell on Ottawa Helmet Day and we will be donating one helmet for every helmet purchased.

Joe Mamma recently donated over $350 dollars worth of helmets to Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre (EROC) for their cycling seniors with dementia program. We are proud to help those that are less fortunate than us and believe that our one for one helmet better serves our community.

For 2018 Joe Mamma Cycles will be donating helmets to Trips For Kids Ottawa.

Joe Mamma Donates over $350 in helmets to Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre


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