Joe Mamma is spring cleaning!

We are spring cleaning and we are finding a tonne of odds and ends, scratch and dents, last ofs, and stuff we just need to get out of the store and on someone’s bike.  We will have a huge select of BMX parts, commuter parts and accessories, even some fixed gear stuff all priced below cost so its going to go fast! Sale starts at 10am Saturday morning (February 9th).  Below is a sample list of what we will have and a taste of some of the prices.  

 Fit Benny stem Reg $84.99 for $30

Assorted Fixed gear Front wheels Reg $99.99+ now $30

Assorted Full Face Helmets $50

all knee, elbow, 60% off

Easton stems $20 

Synchros Iodine stems $20

Assorted Sealed BMX hubs (36h) - $10 

Basil Elements bag - $25

and a whole lot more! 





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