Intro to riding with 'the fam'

Going for a family bike ride is a great way to get out of the house and enjoy the weather ‘away’ from others and get a much-needed change of scenery. As the at-home contingent of the Joe Mamma Family, I can attest to the restlessness myself and my kids are feeling. 

I was going to write one post, but it seems like this is too big of a topic to cover quickly and I’d like to pass on the knowledge and experience so that you can enjoy the family ride & feel confident making a purchase online. 

Part One: For families with little ones. 

When can children safely be passengers? What to consider when choosing child seat options & trailer options for little passengers and how to size your helmet. Pro-tips (do’s and don’ts)

Part 2: Little shredders.

Are they ready for their first bike? How to choose their first ride. What’s the difference between all the kid’s bike options?

Part 3: Big-kid bike

Do you even need training wheels? Does this bike fit? When to move up a size. How to process all the information about choosing a children’s bike.

I look forward to sharing all this with you & hope that you and yours are staying safe!

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