Serfas E-Lume 250 USB


  • 49.99

The E-Lume Series was designed to be the best lights on the market for the best price. And with good looking compact aluminium designs, there one of our favourites.  

The E-Lume 250 is the first of the E-Lume series. 250 lumens is perfect for commuter around town. High brightness settings are good for long night rides or if you get stuck in the dark. New 3 level battery life indicator makes it near impossible for the light to die on the go. Charges from dead to full in 2.5 hours.

USL-250 E-Lume Fact's:

  • Compact Lightweight Aluminum Design
  • Super Bright (250 Lumens) Output
  • Water Resistant Rating: IPX4
  • New 3 Level Battery Life Indicator
  • Last Mode Memory
  • Max Charges Rate of 500mA
  • Charges from Dead to Fully Charge in 2.5 hours (Using 500mA Rated Charger)


  • Solid Modes: High (250 Lumens): 2.5 hrs, Medium (100 Lumens): 4.25 hrs, Low (50 Lumens): 7 hrs
  • Flash Modes: Daytime Flash (250 Lumens): 50 hrs, Low Flash (50 Lumens): 18 hrs
  • Weight: 142 Grams with Bracket
  • Battery: 1-Cell Li-Ion, 1400mAh


  • Micro USB Cord
  • Handlebar Mount

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