Tacx Blue Motion Bike Trainer

  • 299.99

The Blue Motion has the most powerful resistance.  With a neodymium magnetic unit, it allows you to achieve high power outputs even at a low pedalling frequency. You have 10 different resistance levels that can be chosen via the handlebar lever. The Blue Motion is simple to assembly so that the trainer can be quickly and easily put together by anyone.  


  • Software PC/laptop -
  • Handlebar resistance lever
  • Magnetic Resistance
  • Resistance positions 10
  • Max brake power (10 sec.) 950 Watt
  • Sprint power (1 min.)  800 Watt
  • Fly Wheel 1.6KG
  • Fits all bikes (may need additional axle skewers or nuts for specific fit) 
     (Wheeldiameter 26"- 29" and 700c; 29" with trainer tire)

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