North Scooters Custom build

North Scooters

  • 279.99

Joe Mamma has built you the perfect custom package.  You get a pro level scooter with aftermarket customization, without having to spend what a full custom normally costs.  You can build it your self or ask us to have it ready to ride at no extra charge.  (Build yourself does require knowledge of how to build/customize a scooter)  

Bars: Native stem bar raw 

Clamp: North Scooters Hammer SCS (Black Chrome) 

Wheels: North HQ 88a 110mm (Silver/Black)

North Grip: 

  • North Beach Club Grip (pink/orange/blue stripes)
  • North Nasa 
  • North Monogram 
  • North OK 👌 
  • North Camo
  • North Breakout Text
  • North Canadian Map

Grips: North Regatta Grips

  • Black
  • Glow-Green 

Deck Options:

  • North Atlas 5.25”x23” Wine 
  • North Atlas 5.5”x22” Emerald
  • North Paradise 20.8” Miami Fade
  • North Paradise 20.8” Silver

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