Joe Mamma Cycles Co-Op Shop!

November 01, 2017

Joe Mamma Cycles Co-Op Shop!

Starting this November, Joe Mamma Cycles will be offering Co-Op shop services!  

We are excite to bring the DIY format to our shop.  This program will allow our clients to learn what they want to know in a one to one format.  We will tailor each session to clients goals to ensure that maximum understanding and knowledge is achieved.  Unlike a typical class setting, Joe Mamma cycles will work with each individual on a 1 to 1 basis to ensure that all of your questions can be answered and that you leave feeling confident in your abilities.  

With our bicycle maintenance and repair DIY or Co-op format it also allows us to teach anything from brake adjustments to wheel building. 

We have put together a list of some of the more common rates but can offer a quote in store for more in depth repairs. 

Brake Adjustment (caliper or V Brake) - $50 (front and rear) 

Rear derailleur adjustment - $50

Front Derailuer adjustment - $50

Wheel True - $30 

Bearing overhaul (unsealed hub, bottom bracket or headset) - $50 

Basic Tune-up* $200 (up to 3 hrs of shop time, includes brake adjustments, derailleur adjustments, minor wheel trueing, headset adjustment, tire inspections and safety inspection. Also includes any required lubricants) 

Build a Joe Mamma Cycles bike - $25 (free for bikes purchased in November!) 

Build your own Bike** - $150 (must be boxed from factory)


What you need know:  

  • Each session will include use of Joe Mamma Cycles repair shop along with tools and regular shop lubricants. (Premium Muc-Off services available as upgrade).
  • Each session will be tailored to each client and be by appointment only!
  • Appointments maybe rescheduled with 24hrs notice.
  • A  deposit will be taken at the time of booking in order to guarantee your spot.



*Extra charge for hydraulic disc brakes - please call for info.

** Do to the lack of quality form some Manufacturers Joe Mamma Cycles reserves the right to turn away sub standard bikes. 


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